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Athena Grew up in a small town in California; mistreated by her family and unliked by others she easily became a target for Pan's shadow. Now trapped on Neverland she attempts to befriend people on the Island and hopes to return to earth.
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"Creepy right?" Athena asked she had found skull rock her first year on the island she thought it was interesting looking around it "I’m Athena, Athena Grace"

Hearing the girls voice he turned to face her smiling softly. “I don’t find it creepy. It’s fascinating really. Do you think their Pan’s victims? I think he’d like a temple to his sucesses like this.” Walking along the wall he looked at each skull in turn thinking of the life the person could have lead or their death. “He seems the type to like a grand gesture.”
"Athena is a pretty name. It’s a Greek god isn’t it?"

"Naw" she said "It’s all stone, though he does seem the type" she gave a crooked smile "Thanks, its a Greek Goddess" 

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On his many walks along the beach Henry had often passed a small row boat moored in a rocky outcrop. He knew it wasn’t Dylan’s boat as that one was kept nearer the pirates ship and he’d seen no one else using it. As he passed it again he felt even more curious about the small boat and walked down to look at it closer. The bottom was covered in barnacles and it looked like it hadn’t been used for a long time.
Feeling a little reckless he untied the boat and pushed it out into deeper water before climibing in. Henry hadn’t rowed a boat before and at first he only managed to go in circles before he got the hang of the oars and started to head away from the island. It felt freeing to be able to leave the land and head out into the sea. He had no idea how far it stretched or what was at the edge. He saw a few mermaids who watched him before sinking lower beneath the waves, then he saw Skull Rock. He stopped rowing and let the boat float on the waves as he studied the large skull. It didn’t look too far away and with a sense of adventure he turned to boat to face it and rowed as hard as he could.
Reaching the rock he pulled the boat in as close as he could and weighed down the rope with small rocks to keep it moored before walking up further into the skull. If the outside had looked impressive the inside was more than Henry could have imagined. The wall was lined with skulls piled up one on top of the other and the large hour glass filled with golden dust took his breath away. Carefully walking over to the wall he gently ran his hand along the skulls wondering if they were real people or just carved rocks.

"Creepy right?" Athena asked she had found skull rock her first year on the island she thought it was interesting looking around it "I’m Athena, Athena Grace"

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Natalie walked along the sand, mumbling obscenities as she stumbled along. the longer legs were very troublesome for somone as short as her. Eventually she gave up and plopped onto the ground. Spinning around when she heard someone say something unintelligible. “hello?”


Athena walked down the beach, bored out of her mind  “Gees I need to get out of this place” she mumbled when she heard someone speak “Hello?” she then saw the girl laying on the sand “Hi, I’m Athena Grace” she put her hand out to the girl